About Us

Force-4 develops breakthrough products that work.

hexagons of brand design, deep technical insight, testing & analytics, and market intelligence foresight all joining together into innovation

Taking new ground doesn’t come with a road map. That makes innovation thrilling, but risky. Force-4® de-risks projects, doing early predictive work, so our clients pursue and manufacture only the best ideas. With Force-4®‘s help, our clients avoid sinking resources into lesser ideas that waste time and money. The result? Breakthrough products that truly work.

We understand how hard it is to take an idea and create a functional product. Our strategists, industrial designers, and engineers push through technical challenges, build on customer insights and market intelligence, validate, and rigorously ideate to develop differentiated product experiences. We have vast experience in product realization, developing some of the most innovative products on the market today. 

Because we’ve built our innovation engine on the foundation of Stress Engineering Services, we seamlessly integrate engineering services throughout the development process, giving our clients powerful results.

Innovate with confidence. Innovate with Force-4.

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