Industries We Serve

From consumer packaged goods to complex medical devices, Force-4 works with and develops some of the most innovative products on the market. Check out the industries we serve best below.


Product Realization Process

Consumer Packaged Goods

Packaging should embody your brand. Our package design will help you create an experience that’s stand-out, while also being sustainable and standardized for manufacturing and fulfillment.


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medical device

Medical Devices

To create innovative medical devices, we factor in trends and costs, and use smart design and engineering to accommodate everyone from patients to doctors, manufacturers to insurance companies.


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drug delivery device

Drug Delivery

By designing reliability and predictability into drug delivery devices, we can ensure challenges are overcome and resolved. And that’s not just good for the manufacturers, it’s good for patients.


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consumer product device

Consumer Product Development

Creating a successful new product is incredibly complicated. But our product development team of engineers, designers, strategists are uniquely structured to deliver differentiated, high-value product experiences that go to market faster.


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outdoor equipment device

Outdoor Equipment Design

We develop breakthrough ideas for outdoor equipment that extend human capability. Rely on our deep expertise in design, engineering, and analysis—as well as empathy for the human experience—to help people reach new goals.


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human performance device

Human Performance

Our wearable product design augments human performance. Let us help you create technology that helps humans expand their abilities and do more than they imagined possible.


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B2B product

Commercial & B2B

B2B products look more like consumer-facing ones every day. We’ll help you navigate user experience, cost, economics, manufacturability, and brand equity as you develop new products.


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IoT Device

IoT Connected Smart Devices

Developing connected technology must respect personal privacy. We can show you how to harness data-gathering to benefit everyone: creating new conveniences and experiences for people, and helping to generate meaning and purpose in life.


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Ai learning device concept

Machine Learning and AI Services

Our sensor capabilities and behavioral learning algorithms speed the understanding of human needs—which aids in developing breakthrough products. Force-4 is already developing applications for medical devices, durable consumer products, and many more.


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