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Product Design Innovation – Formation of Force-4

Stress Engineering Services, Inc. (SES) announced today the formation of Force-4 Innovation & Collaboration Group (, a design and innovation engine for product realization. 

Force-4, in partnership with SES, envisions innovative product solutions with its clients—integrating world-class human centered design and engineering services throughout the development process. 

Force-4’s team of strategists, designers, analysts and engineers build on user, customer and market insights to create high-value product experiences. Force-4 can deliver innovative solutions that increase speed to market and enable product demand. Vice President of Stress Engineering Services, Clint Haynes, is excited to continue expanding on the company’s long history of innovation. 

“For nearly 50 years Stress Engineering Services provided product development services that leverage our physics-based approach to design, but we lacked key elements to bring the greatest value to clients. Now, as Force-4, we can help customers create differentiated, high-value product experiences within one organization,” said Haynes. “We have brought together early innovation discovery, human centered design, regulatory, operations, low volume contract manufacturing and custom automation services into a single entity, which leverages the physics-based engineering capabilities of SES.” 

Force-4 has product design and commercialization experience across a variety of industries, including medical devices, drug delivery systems, consumer products, and consumer packaged goods. Force-4 offers front-end innovation, user-centered design, engineering, development, and custom automation. The proprietary product development process developed by senior leadership, 3DS, is based on this development and innovation experience. 

Force-4 Leadership: 

  • Mike Johnson, Director of Product Development has over 20 years of leadership experience in life sciences, including at Stress Engineering Services Medical Practice, Devicor Medical Products, and in R&D with Johnson and Johnson and General Motors. 
  • Jason Phillips, Group Creative Director, has more than 20 years of innovation and product development experience in consumer-packaged goods, durable products, human performance applications, and technology integration.  
  • Clint Haynes, founder of the Cincinnati office of Stress Engineering Services, has steadily grown the Cincinnati practice area while introducing breakthrough capabilities. He has a specialized focus on areas of medical, outdoor, and product innovation.