Aquafina – Product Development and Innovation

Beauty by Numbers

It is thought-provoking to observe that some manmade items are quite beautiful to behold though without having been design with that focus in the first place. Their allure and captivating qualities are the result of mathematical pursuits in function and not of a sculptural exercise focused on form, however, a highly emotive presentation still emerges. 

aquafina bottle close up

Where technology and creativity meet

The Aquafina bottle, a disruptive introduction to the water market during the peak of the competition for market share is among the best examples of the integration of creative and technical collaboration of our team.  The objective was to develop a light weighted package that had generated a unique shelf presence and brand assets. The end result was a bottle that included a physics-based rib structure that enabled 13% light-weighting and a label that leveraged the geometric rib features and created an illusion of rippling water.  This package represents one of the historic collaborative benchmarks of physics-based design and creative expression.

Smart ideas for a smart world.