Arm Mounted display

Arm Mounted Displays for the Wearable Technology Future

Platform Strapping Systems, Low Profile Body Mounting

Much effort went into sourcing and testing materials incorporating several properties into one, including lightweight, comfort, breathability, durability, and high traction for adhesion to skin and clothing. The eventual solution incorporated a lightweight and low-profile structure adaptable to varying arm movement, location, and size changes. A unique, conical tensioning structure was developed to match the dynamic geometry of the arm, aided by a fine cable tensioning system that adjusts to fit individually. This platform mount also holds promise in the potential attachment of new devices in other locations on the body.

arm mount

Smart Phone Mounting Platform

  • Highly adjustable platform for securely and comfortably mounting a smart device to the arm
  • Adaptable to multiple arm locations
  • Extremely light weight with advanced breathable materials
Arm Mounted Full Width Scaled Tiny

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