Castrol Hero

Sustainable Package Design: Innovating for BP

Rethinking the way traditional businesses meet challenging needs

We started with consumer insights, tracing the experiences of technicians, shop owners, distributors, and more to understand how the previous approach could be improved. From there, we iterated on product design, merging a more ideal experience with state-of-the-art product realization processes to create an intuitive oil-transfer system.

Our work helped BP apply to design, engineering, and user experience to solve a complex systems problem and create a new product standard for the oil change industry.

Epack Vs Epods


Oil Used in Container


Inventory Management




Faster Fill Rate


Faster and more efficient oil changes

100% Oil Use

  • Gravity-fed design ensures use and sale of every drop of oil

Efficient Inventory Management

  • Prevent out of stocks and optimize mix to free up cash for business
  • 2 drums tie up 5x more inventory than ePODS; bulk ties up 9x more than ePODS

Effective Use of Labor

  • Delivers efficiency, ensures zero spills and opens time for techs to focus on other repairs
  • MAXFLOW pitchers provide 2x faster dispensing

Smart ideas for a smart world.