Pharmaceutical Package Design – Flexure

An  effective, low-cost solution for vaccines

Leveraging Stress Engineering’s device development approach to utilize low-cost/high-volume packaging, Force-4 developed a dual chamber device for injection. This approach seeks to minimize the end cost of goods after the injector is fully developed. The impact of this device is an effective, low-cost solution that is intuitive to operate and applicable for global vaccination use.


Dual-chamber injector construction


The design centers around minimizing steps in operation to eliminate use errors. Flexure is sequential in use, and only in one particular order of operations. It cannot be used out of sequence or in reverse. It also cannot be repurposed for another injection purpose.


Product construction

The construction and activation through folds that increase pressure from one bullhead to the next is such that each operation cancels out the previous and is not able to be done in reverse. Flexure is intended to only work one way.

The Flexure difference

Sealed Film Construction – forming dual chambers

Frangible Membrane – area between 1st and 2nd bulkhead

Offset Fluid Entry – creates a wave and encourages mixing for reconstitution

Needle Assembly – welded to films


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