Winning the race for a more efficient bottle

Thinner, cheaper, stronger, more ergonomic, and more sustainable bottles are wins for both Gatorade and consumers. Not only is the new bottle easier to hold, but more bottles can ship per pallet. And the bottles reduce environmental impact, lower costs, and look like a next-gen product.


Case Study Bottle


Weight Reduction


Strength Increase


Pounds of PET Saved


Pounds of Paper Saved

bottle example 4

Design Improvements

  • Breakthrough form factor
  • Reduction in plastic
  • Modifications for hot fill
  • Greater structural rigidity
  • Functional vacuum panels

Design & Analysis Integration

Transportation and Fulfillment

bottle example 3

Flat Bottle Expands
at Filling

Designed for Hot Fill

bottle example 2

Flat Bottle Expands
at Filling

Hoop Strength

bottle example

Flat Bottle Expands
at Filling

Smart ideas for a smart world.