Embedded Systems Engineering

Guiding User Interaction Through Embedded Smart Technology

The “Otto Smart Ladder” is equipped with proprietary sensors to report unsafe user interaction to guide safer job site activity. The smart ladder approach has the ability to inconspicuously monitor all motions and loads on the ladder, determine how it is being used as part of a DIY activity, and interpret those behaviors that infringe on its safe use. This development was possible because of the integrated and embedded partnership of the Force-4® design staff and the IoT Lab at Stress Engineering Services.

Otto smart ladder
otto app

Groundbreaking Digital Features

Force-4 focuses on groundbreaking digital features and benefits that can immerse users into new and enhanced experiences. Enhanced products consider ways to adapt to individual users wants and needs, and craft experiences that are personal and variable in order to delight and sustain connection.

Smart Device Progress

This “smart device” progress is continually merging with products previously assumed analog or completely physical in operation. Analytics and Machine Learning can be generated to process the raw data such that meaningful activity and behavioral patterns are exposed.

Smart ideas for a smart world.