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Advanced Machine Learning for Track and Trace Technology

Life-giving, life-saving, and life-enhancing medications have touched almost everyone in daily life, either personally or through a loved one. Getting intact medications to where they need to be, is the unsung capability that Force-4 envisioned in this IoT delivery method.

As more innovations are generated in pharmaceuticals, another need continues to grow…security. It’s imperative that drugs and drug delivery systems make it to their destination safely and unadulterated. This takes the form of tracking and tracing for costly pharmaceuticals as they are shipped from production to the distributor or a point of care. The technology to track and trace also has a dimension of sustainability. Every year vast quantities of pharmaceuticals are lost due to theft, temperature, shock, and vibration, or other damage factors.

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Advanced Machine Learning

Millions of dollars in life-saving prescription medications travel through our distribution system and across our highways and airways every day. The partnership of Force-4 and the IoT Lab at Stress Engineering Services is closing any gaps in the knowledge of product location, temperature, and vibration metrics as medications travel their long path to the destination.  This ensures quality and timeliness of medications for patients, and cost savings as well as risk mitigation for pharmaceutical companies.

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