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Companies today face an unlimited number of challenges when it comes to innovation and problem-solving. National Ladder Safety Month is a great time to pause and reconsider something as timeless and classic as the ladder. Thousands of people are injured each year on worksites and homes around the country but there hasn’t been much progress on getting data on exactly how people use and misuse ladders, and what can be done to overcome the challenges.That’s where Force-4 comes in. After digging into consumer and user observations and insights we saw opportunities to leverage sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time feedback. The data we collected gave irrefutable evidence of how and how often people use ladders in ways that could lead to injuries. 

This enabled us to develop industry partnerships with ladder manufacturers that can put this data into new designs, track usage across their larger field base, and continue improving designs and experiences. 

“When it comes to product development, it’s a mix of AI, or machine learning, and user ability,” says Jason Phillips, Force-4 Group Creative Director. “We’re helping companies create a better future by utilizing insights and technology. We can help some companies see further into the future and develop predictive solutions that change the game for them.” 

Our comprehensive process isn’t limited to just ladders. It enables Force-4 to work with manufacturers in a wide range of industries to identify issues, collect user and customer insights, develop solutions that leverage IoT, sensor development, data collection and analysis, and design for manufacturing success. 

For more information, contact Force-4 at, or call us toll-free at 833-4FORCE4. 

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