IoT and sensor development to rethink ladder safety.

While most people may have passed through March without recognizing it’s National Ladder Safety Month, for the innovation team at Force-4/SES it’s time to pause and celebrate the work of rethinking ladder safety. Force-4/SES Team has been developing technology that enables us to collect real-time data on behaviors and usage of a wide variety of products—as those products are being used in the field.


The latest manifestation of this can be found in new technologies being used in A-frame ladders to collect data on the use and misuse of ladders at construction sites, manufacturing facilities, etc. The data collected provides behavior insights, ultimately reducing accidents, injuries, and deaths. According to the CDC, in the U.S., “more than 100 people die and thousands more are injured from ladder-related falls” each year.

Using data from Force-4/SES Team innovations enables improvements in design, situational awareness, and behaviors that will not only benefit the users but also save companies money on insurance claims and legal actions resulting from accidents.

Force-4/SES Team’s innovation is not limited to ladders. Our comprehensive process enables the company to work with manufacturers in a wide range of industries to identify issues, collect user and customer insights, and develop solutions that leverage IoT, sensor development, data collection and analysis, and design for manufacturing success.

This is ideal for companies looking for what’s next in the market as well as those looking for incremental improvements to give them a competitive edge.

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