Our Process

Linear depiction of the Force 4 process of Discover, Develop, Deliver and Sustain. The process is explained in detail below.

product realization process discover step


Opportunity Finding

  • Gathering market intelligence
  • Researching the technology landscape
  • Inventing practical applications

Define Experience

  • Prototyping experiences for research stimulus
  • Conducting initial lab tests and feasibility assessments
  • Conducting qualitative research and early user and consumer studies
  • Pipeline planning¬†
  • Establishing early user/market/buyer requirements
  • Developing a demonstration prototypes
product realization process develop step



  • Testing in a lab environment
  • Conducting predictive analysis
  • Establish requirements

Concept Design

  • Generating innovation concepts
  • Completing design
  • Examining human factors and usability
  • Advanced prototyping¬†
  • Custom testing
product realization process deliver step


Design Verification

  • Pre-production builds
  • Testing system prototype in operational environment
  • Verifying product readiness and reliability

Design Transfer

  • Technology/product is complete and qualified through test and demonstration
  • Finalizing risk management
  • Creating a manufacturing and supply chain plan and executing it
  • Obtaining commercial approval
product realization process sustain step



  • Product is delivered and in use
  • Validating the supply chain
  • Executing validation plan
  • Conducting product life cycle planning
  • Conducting final customer validation (for medical)
  • Post market surveillance